On tour with ÆRA

(c) Tommy Frost
In collaboration with Clement Kjersgaard's history and cultural history magazine, ÆRA, the authors of The World War II Trivia Game, Mika Vandborg and Claus Corfixen, are now on the road and invite everyone with an interest in World War II to both listen, talk and not least play along.
The tour starts in January. Each event has two elements: First, a round table discussion, where experts talk about the latest research and open up for questions from the audience, o - after a break - the big quiz, where all audience members have the opportunity to participate in the game THEMSELVES (in teams or individually) .
The organizers are now ready with the first two dates - and more (in other cities) will be added later:
Sunday 29 January: Premiere in Den Gamle By in Aarhus (15.00-17.00) with i.a. museum inspector Søren Tange Rasmussen from the Occupation Museum as a guest at the round table.
Sunday 26 February (20.00-22.00): An evening at Kongernes Samling - Koldinghus, where the TV host Peter Ingemann and the commentator Jarl Cordua (host of the podcast Hitlers Æselører at Berlingske) are both captains of their respective teams.
Tickets can be ordered here.