About the game

Huge success for the world's first trivia game about World War 2

(c) Tommy Frost 2022

The authors behind the world's first World War II trivia game are ready for this year's Christmas after last year's overwhelming success with the launch of THE WORLD WAR II TRIVIA GAME.

When THE WORLD WAR II TRIVIA GAME was launched last year, the 1st edition sold out within 14 days. It is probably somewhat behind the game developers Mika Vandborg and Claus Corfixen that the interest in THE WORLD WAR TRIVIA GAME would be so great.

THE WORLD WAR II TRIVIA GAME is a board game with 1,800 questions about all sides of World War II. The game's mission is to duel on knowledge of everything from the Eastern Front, the Pacific, D-Day, years, key figures, the Allies, the Axis Powers and much more.

Using knowledge of the war, cleverness and a little bit of luck, you must conquer three enemy capitals, answer questions in different categories and defend against attacks from your enemies.

One of the game's developers, guitarist Mika Vandborg, says: "When you are as interested in all aspects of World War II as I am, you know that there are many who share the interest, but after the launch of a nice first edition , I have to admit that it came to my mind that it was torn away in the course of 14 days" .

Lucky for the game developers, they managed to get the 2nd edition ready in the next few weeks. "Most board games are now produced in China, but we have chosen from the start to produce in Denmark, so fortunately, with the goodwill of our printing house in Risskov and a lot of hard assembly work, we were able to get a second edition in house for the Christmas trade", says Claus Corfixen.

This year, Mika and Claus are more prepared. 3rd edition is ready, just as they have spent the past year developing an expansion pack for the game with 300 questions about WWII in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Mika Vandborg was born in 1971 and is a professional guitarist, singer and songwriter. He has released a number of albums and played together with Love Shop, Claus Hempler, Dicte, Ida Nielsen, Gnags and many more. In addition, he currently tours the country with Electric Guitars, which he established with his friend Søren Andersen in 2012.

Claus Corfixen was born in 1970 and advises public authorities on a daily basis primarily in the field of facility management. In 1998, he launched the board game "Korsbækspillet" (DR), a game which was relaunched in 2005 and again in 2011.